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to Expect

What time does service start?

Sundays 10:00 am, at the Gathering House Church. Live and Online streaming.

Where is Gathering House Church?

Gathering House Church is located at 733 West Garland Ave, Spokane, WA 99205. We are across the corner from the Milk Bottle on Garland Ave.

Are the sermons preached live or via video?

Our sermons are preached live, either by Pastor Rob Bryceson, or one of the members of our preaching team.

After the service is over, sermons will be posted to our Youtube channel, but can easily be accessed through our website. Just click the "Sermons" link at the top of the page.


Can I bring my kids?

Of course! We love kids at the Gathering House and offer age-appropriate environments where your kids will learn about Jesus and the Bible on their level. We have excellent, well-trained children's team who have passed all the necessary background requirements. We ask that you check your kids into our kids’ area so that your children can enjoy a service tailored specifically for their age group. If you'd feel more comfortable having your kids attend service with you, however, this is also acceptable.


What are the services like?

Each service is typically 90 minutes and has a time of worship, Bible based preaching, announcements, and offering, but not always in that order!


How does the music sound?  What kind of music do you play?

We have our own worship team with its own unique sound. Styles range from gospel, hymns, contemporary, and more. Our worship team represents different cultures and creative expressions, so you can expect anything. Our aim is to please God through these expressions rooted in diversity and unity, and through that, we serve and lead our faith family into worshiping God. We also have some different stations set up for prayer, meditation, to allow worship in other ways besides singing.


What should I wear?

Most of us wear casual clothes at our services, although some of us dress up. We'd like to think you will be as comfortable in a T-shirt and jeans as you would be in a suit.


Is there someone that can help get me get situated when I come to visit?

Absolutely. We know that coming to a new church for the first time can be intimidating. We would love for you to take advantage of our Connect team and plan your visit, so we know when you are coming. When you come for your visit, someone will greet you at the door and help get you and your family where you need to be. Our team of dedicated volunteers will do everything they can to make sure you have the best experience possible.  Fill out the form on the first time guest page and we will make sure we are expecting your visit.

A clip from our Worship Service