Wednesday Wonderings

The True Circumcision - by Ken Edgerly

Philippians 3:3 (NASB) For we are the true circumcision, who worship in the Spirit of glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh.

A couple things that I think about when I think of the true circumcision. First I think of how I used to try for many years to be a better Christian  by not doing certain things that I knew weren't acceptable to God. As hard as I tried, those issues never went away, the harder I tried, the more I  would continue struggling with them. Until about10 years ago when I came to realize why I kept failing. Being circumcised in the flesh isn't something you do on your own, someone else has to do it for you. In the same way true circumcision or heart circumcision has to come from Jesus. When I finally realized that and ask Him to cut away those things in my heart that were not right, I soon realized those desires I once had were gone. Circumcision means to cut away which means gone forever. That was something I couldn't do on my own but only in surrendering to Jesus and allowing Him to do it for me. The second thing I think about is how the enemy is constantly trying to convince me I'm not really a Christian. While many issues are gone forever, I still mess up and get my eyes off of Him and back onto self which allows the enemy to play his games. What I try to remember is that as with the Jews who were circumcised in the flesh which was the sign they were God's chosen, and as they roamed in the wilderness for 40 years they often took their eyes off of God and went back to following their own ways. Even in doing that, though, they were still God's chosen people and they never lost that status of being His chosen people. Instead God would just have to get their attention and bring them back to Him. That is true for us. Once we have been heart circumcised, by Him, we are His chosen people and nothing can separate us from Him. I loved pastor Rob's message last week about Jesus being our shepherd. He is  always watching over us and when we wonder away too far He calls us back and as we hear and recognize His voice we can then find our way back. Jesus is our shepherd and He is always going to be watching over us. What a great thought! I am so thankful that we are included in being a part of true circumcision. It's not about circumcision of the flesh or the law but circumcision of the heart. It's about Jesus who fulfilled the law and now is in us by His Spirit.

photo: rim of Crater Lake by Virgil Stripes

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