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What Will I Do When It Counts? by Jim Fischer

I am what I refer to as a bumper sticker guy. I like reading them and other short phrases in other places. Every so often I read or hear a phrase that causes me to pause, to think. This pretty much always this has to do with my character. How am I doing as a husband, a father, a friend, a Christian?

I either read or heard this somewhere quite a few years ago and it has stuck with me.

“Will I have what it takes when it counts?”

This one made me pause and think about this from two different angles. My Character and my faith, my walk with God.

As for my character, will I do the right thing, make the right choice when it counts. Of course, I will, is my quick reply. Or will I? What if it might just cost me something? Nobody is looking. It really isn’t going to hurt anybody. And anyway, nobody will know. My character is on the line. I will know and God will know. The two that really matter.

My faith. Will I stand up for God in a conversation? Will I boldly share my faith if the conversation comes up? Will I live my faith out in the real world on a daily basis the very best that I can?

A couple of the greatest people in the Bible struggled with this same question. No doubt, they told themselves that they would have what it takes when it counts. David comes to mind. Read 2 Samuel 11. His adultery with Bathsheba and then having her husband, Uriah murdered.

Peter denying Jesus in Luke 22:54-62. Peter actually told Jesus he would have what it takes and then failed when it counted. Failed three times.

We all want to have what it takes when it counts. We really do, but we often fail. So, I suppose the real question is, what do we do when we let ourselves and God down? Again, we can look at the two above examples. Neither man made excuses or blamed others. They owned their weakness and sin and asked God for forgiveness and strength and to be better in the future.

To love and follow God well and to make decisions that will bring honor and please Him begins with a strong statement of faith. Hoping that I will have what it takes all of the time. Both the easy days and the difficult. Kind of like drawing a line in the sand to live for Jesus. If, or more like when I fail to toe the line, I know that He loves and forgives. Jesus always has what it takes when it counts, even when I don’t.

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