Strange Season

One of the artists came by today to pick up her remaining pieces leaving one for us to keep permanently. We both talked about how the loss of the coffee shop affects our spirits. She started hanging out here after her husband died when she was lost and simply needed a place to go, to get out of the house and still feel safe and loved. She found that spot here.

We spoke of how the quiet empty space somehow feels morally wrong when it once brought so much comfort and peace to others as their "third space" in life. She says many of the former supporters are just waiting for us to get things back up and running. We still book room meeting space but only at a fraction of what it was when the coffee shop was up and running.

Even typing this - I was interrupted by a returning Gonzaga student coming in to get a coffee and grilled cheese to study again, like she did last year. I sent her elsewhere.

Please be praying for us. It’s a strange season as we wait for God to reveal the next phase of reopening our café and doing ministry all week long.

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