Monday Morning Coffee Break

I loved Pastor Rob’s message about CALL Sunday. One person who is committed to God, surely can change the world.

I haven't watched them in a while, but I love the Indian Jones movies. Do you remember the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where he had to take the "Step of Faith" onto the invisible, automatically appearing bridge? How about when Joshua told the Levite priests to carry the ark to the Jordan River and cross over, the river had risen and was overflowing its banks. These types of situations call for faith and 100% commitment and willingness to trust God.

I remember three years ago when I sold everything I had and moved here to Spokane, no job, no friends, no church... I will admit I was a bit fearful at the time and probably lacked in the faith area. But I didn't let it stop me, Darlene made sure of that. Before we committed to moving I tried to make excuses so we didn't have to move, I have to give up the good job I have, we won't have insurance, I love my church, I have to sell all my woodworking tools. It went on and on.

Now, with hindsight I am thankful I didn't let excuses and lack of faith stop me. I truly love it here and feel God has me right where I need to be.

Following God takes commitment, faith, and willingness to let Him lead us. Have you been letting the BUT's keep you from doing God's will? · But God, I can’t do that I am not smart enough. · But God, people will think I am ________ weird, weak, crazy, whatever word you fill in the blank · But God, I just don't have time right now. I will serve you later. · But God, if dedicate my life to You, I will lose friends. · But God, someone else can do it so much better.

Yea, I have used a lot of these excuses over the years. But I realized that it is me missing out on the joy God wants to give me when I serve Him.

So many people think that serving God requires us to do stuff we hate doing. That's not true, maybe you are just doing the wrong thing. Maybe you need try something different. I think the thing God gifted you to do will bring pleasure to your life, not pain. Don't get me wrong, not every part of the journey will be butterflies and sunshine, but overall, we will experience the joy God has for us. God placed a passion in your heart, the stuff you love to do, the COOLEST dreams you can imagine. He knows what will bring you ultimate satisfaction. He has a plan for you. We must be willing to step into the unknown with only God leading us.

You may have people in your life that are telling you can’t do anything for God. Don’t listen to them. Believing it will keep you ORDINARY, defy your critics and don't give them power over your life. We must remember life is a learning experience, with God failure is not fatal. Sometimes opportunities can be disguised, they look to hard, they look like something we are not good at, or wouldn’t like. When opportunities come have faith and take God at his word. It just may be the thing God has planned for you. If that opportunity doesn’t work, hey try something else, but don’t give up on finding your call.

Here is my challenge for you. Think of one thing you will do today or this week to let go of your fears and allow God to lead.

What is your "Step of Faith"

Remember, God doesn’t want half of our lives or half of our hearts, He wants it all.

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