I Can Only Imagine by Virgil Stripes

Last night, I watched a movie about the song I Can Only Imagine. It tells the story of the band Mercy Me, and how the lead singer, Bart Millard came to write the song that was one of the best loved songs ever produced. The song speaks about what the author might experience when He gets to Heaven and meets Jesus. This song was popular on Christian and secular radio stations in 2003 when I was preparing to deploy to Iraq with my National Guard unit. I remember being amazed that many of my soldiers, who would not darken the doorway of a church, enjoyed and were amazed by this song. A short excerpt of the lyrics (the chorus) is here:

I can only imagine, yeah

I can only imagine

Surrounded by Your glory

What will my heart feel?

Will I dance for You, Jesus

Or in awe of You be still?

Will I stand in Your presence

Or to my knees will I fall?

Will I sing hallelujah?

Will I be able to speak at all?

You can view the full set of lyrics by clicking on this link:


If you prefer, you may watch a performance of the song on youtube by clicking:


This song speaks to my heart, and I have frequently had similar thoughts about what I might experience when I come face to face with my Jesus! I can’t wait.

Picture is MercyMe group.

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