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Fall Lesson Series
Read Through the Bible as a Family

This Fall, we began a year long walk through the Bible using two wonderful resources as the foundation for our studies. For younger children, we are using The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones and for families with older children I recommend adding The Family Bible Devotional by Sarah M. Wells. On this page, you will find short, beautiful videos that introduce the story for the week. Below the videos, you will find scripture passages and activities that are designed to done together as a family.

Sunday 10/25 - Ten Ways to Be Perfect

Scripture Reading: Exodus 16 (:1-35) Use the lesson "Manna from Heaven: God Provides" in Family Devotional Bible stating on p. 11 for introduction information and discussion questions) - Continue with 20:1-21 to read the 10 Commandments

Family Activities:

*Jar of Memories: The Israelites set up lots of ways to remember how God was faithful to them. In today's story, they stored up some of the manna to show future generations the way God had provided for them. Collect things or write notes to remind you of how God has provided for you and your family, and place them in a jar. Keep your jar of memories somewhere you can see it regularly to be reminded of how God has provided for you and your family.  (p. 115 FDB)

*10 Commandments "Fortune Teller":  Get a print out and instructions here...

*10 Commandments Hopscotch: Print outs here....

Memory Verse: “Keep my covenant. If you do, then out of all of the nations you will be my special treasure.” Exodus 19:5

Journal Prompt:

What kinds of things do you complain about? (We all complain sometimes.) Based on how God answers the Israelites complaints, how do you think God would answer your complaints.

Sunday 10/18 - God to the Rescue! & God Makes A Way

Scripture Reading: Exodus 3-4"17 (Use the lesson "I Am Who I Am" in Family Devotional Bible stating on p. 82 for introduction information and discussion questions)

Family Activities:

*Fire!: If you have access to one, plan a night to have a fire, either in a backyard fire pit or in your living room fireplace. If you can't build a fire where you live, stake out a pretend campfire ring in your living room and have a campout! Tell stories of times when God has been with you.  (p. 86 FDB)

*Tissue Paper Fire: Cut or tear squares of red, yellow and orange tissue paper. Allow children to bunch up each square and dip it in glue then place onto a thick sheet of construction paper or cardstock to create their own fire collage.  You can draw a tree or bush shape onto the paper first to help remind children further make the connection with the burning bush.

Memory Verse:  “Don’t be afraid. Stand firm. You will see how the Lord will save you today.”.” Exodus 14:13-14

Journal Prompt:

Have you every felt someone was asking you to do far more than you ever thought you could do? How did it feel?

*Bonus Lesson: to go more in depth on the story "God Makes A Way", go through the lesson "Blood, Frogs Darkness and hardened Hearts" in the Family Devotional Bible (p. 87-89).

Sunday 10/04 -The Girl No One Wanted & The Forgiving Prince

Scripture Reading: Genesis 45 (Use the lesson "Joseph Reunited with His Brothers" in Family Devotional Bible stating on p. 77 for introduction information and discussion questions)

Family Activities:

*Meal Match: Because of Joseph's access to wealth and resources, he was able to provide food to his brothers in need. Choose a way your family can provide food for someone else this week.  Here are some ideas: instead of eating out one night, use the money you would have spent to buy food for a shelter or food bank. Make a meal for someone you know who could use that blessing. Buy a gift card for a restaurant and send it to a friend or family member. If you're eating out or going through the drive-thru, pay the tab of the customer behind you. Or come up with your own way to show love through food this week! (p. 80 FDB)

*Joseph's Colorful Coat: Start with a sheet of paper cut into s "coat" shapes. Give the child tissue paper and glue and allow them to decorate the coat with the "many colors."    

Alternatively, you can cut out a coat shape that could fit your child using paper grocery bags. You can help your child decorate it with colorful strips of paper, paint, or colored markers.  Then engage in some dress up and role play with your child as they pretend to be Joseph in his coat of many colors.

Memory Verse: “You planned to harm me. But God planned it for good.” Genesis 50:20

Journal Prompt:

What are some other ways Joseph could have responded to his brothers?

*Bonus Lesson: to go more in depth on the story "The Girl No One Wanted", go through the lesson "Jacob's Giant Family" in the Family Devotional Bible (p. 68-72).

Sunday 10/04 - Son of Laughter & The Present

Scripture Reading: Genesis 15 (Use the lesson A Future to Hope For in Family Devotional Bible stating on p. 48 for introduction information and discussion questions)

Family Activities:

*Story Map: What did it take for your family to come together where you live today?  Map out your family's story! Make a timeline of the major highs and lows that have happened in your life and your family's life. (p. 51 FDB)

*The Stars in the Sky: In today's story, God tells Abram what he has to look forward to in the future, and it's more than he can imagine - children?! Descendants to outnumber the stars?! Draw or paint a picture of the night sky. Fill it with stars, the moon, even other planets. Leave room on the picture to write the words of God: "Do not be afraid. I am your shield." (p. 51 FDB) For a different twist, use crayons or oil pastels for your drawing and watercolor over your sky with dark blue or purple to create your night sky. 

*Bring out the baby dolls and baby care props (blankets, old bottles, baby toys, etc.), pretend together that you have a new baby in your family. Or pretend to be Abraham and Sarah with their new baby.

Memory Verse: "Abraham believed the Lord." Genesis 15:6

Journal Prompt:

What have you learned about how God interacts with people through this story?

*Bonus Lesson: to go more in depth on the story "The Present" go through the lesson "The One True God Who Gives" in the Family Devotional Bible (p. 58-63).

Sunday 9/27 - The New Beginning & A Giant Staircase to Heaven

Scripture Reading: Genesis 6:9-8:22 (Or abidged version adapted in the Family Devotional Bible stating on p. 38)

Family Activities:

*Living Room Ark: Pretend your family is Noah's, and the flood's coming! Can you make yourself an ark? Be creative - push furniture together, gather up stuffed animals, and ride as a family through the (pretend) waves, holding on to the  one another in God's love and protection. (p. 42 FDB)

*Use wooden blocks and animal figures to build an ark and re-enact the story of the Flood

*Watercolor the rainbow - display it somewhere in your home to remind your family of God's covenant promise 

*Mix vegetable oil, water and blue food coloring or liquid watercolor in an empty water / soda bottle, add pebbles, shells, mini toy fish, etc. to create a moving ocean in a bottle


Memory Verse: "As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." Genesis 8:22


Journal Prompt:

Describe what you think a typical day would have been like for Noah and his family as they cared for the animals on the ark.

Sunday 9/20 - The Terrible Lie

Scripture Reading: Genesis 3

Family Activities:

*Cardboard toilet paper roll & wasabi tape snake -

*Set up a garden themed sensory bin with soil, rocks, twigs, leaves, & mini toy animals

*Family Dance Party - turn on your favorite music and dance with your family this week. Have fun, be silly and party like you're back in the Garden of Eden, carefree and unselfconscious.


Memory Verse: "So, the Lord God banished (them) from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which (they had) been taken." Genesis 3:23

Journal Prompt:

What do you think it was like for the first family to live outside the garden?

Sunday 9/13 - The Story and The Song & The Beginning

Scripture Reading: Genesis 1

Family Activities:

*Create your own Mini Storybook using construction paper, hole punchers and yarn

*Natural Collage using leaves, twigs, petal, berries, etc—incorporate the written Memory Verse onto collage

*Take a Nature Hike - What do you see around you that God made?

*I SPY, A to Z - Can you name one thing God made for each letter of the alphabet?


Memory Verse: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1

Journal Prompt:

How is the Bible like a fairytale? How is the Bible different than a fairytale?

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