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About Us


Music: Our style is acoustic music with guitar and djembe like you might hear at a classy wine bar or art gallery during First Friday. We aren’t a big show with smoke and lights. The musical style of worship would fall somewhere in the range of rock and modern country. The song selection comes pretty straight off of the main stream Christian radio – we just do it “unplugged” style.



We expect people to participate in the service by singing but you might see people moving around during this time to write prayer requests on the prayer wall or pray over previously written requests. In other parts of the room people can take communion, get personal prayer, write a prayer or pray for those others have written in our prayer barn, write praises on our wall of thanks. People will use our prayer loft area to reflect on the various pieces of art or other "hands-on" meditations we have placed there to help one focus on God. We don’t plan on putting on a show, but we believe in doing things to the best of our ability.” We hope everyone has an encounter with Jesus through the Holy Spirit, but we aren’t loud and wild. No one is going to jump a pew. But if you just want to sit and watch – that’s OK too. Our only request is that individuals don’t disturb the people around them.


Pastor Rob Bryceson likes to teach through a book of the Bible, rather than do topics. His undergraduate degree is in history and it shows. He’s a good storyteller. He has the ability to make the Bible stories come alive and whether you have read the Bible many times or never heard a single sentence from its pages – you will understand what God is saying, learn something fresh, and get inspired or challenged to live the life Jesus wants for you!

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Our Mission

The Gathering House is an Evangelical Covenant Church committed to using its resources of space, time, and assets to create an environment where lives can be changed under the purposes and leadership of Jesus Christ. We desire to create a place where both believers in Christ and unbelievers can gather.

Our Vision

1. To love God with all of our heart: Embody the Biblical principles of healthy relationships as an authentic community and as individuals.

2. To love God with all of our soul: Experience the presence of God’s Spirit through worship art forms which inspire the soul.

3. To love God with all of our mind: Explain the Purpose and plan of God as revealed in the Bible.

4. To love God with all of our strength: Effectively use our resources and strengths to transform people and communities for a better life.

5. To share God’s love with others: Express the Love of Jesus Christ to people guided by the principles of Jesus’ own mission stated in Luke 4:18-19.

The Gathering House Church is anchored to Jesus Christ’s two commands found in Mark 12:29-31, to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor.

Our Mission


Lessons from a Church in Zombie Land the true story of how one pastor was transplanted from an affluent area of California, through a shocking twist of events, and was found serving in a downtown church among the homeless, addicted, broken and afflicted.

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